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We help you understand what the cannabis industry means for you, and your business.

The cannabis industry is unlike any other industry. 

Over 80% of US adults favor the legalization of cannabis in some form, and 40% state a willingness to purchase  cannabis if it were legally available to them.

Legal cannabis alters the dynamics of the retail marketplaces where consumption is legal.

With the passage of adult use legislation in California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts; over 25% of the US adult population now reside in legal recreational cannabis states and virtually all adults having easy access to legal consumption through leisure and business travel.

Cannabiz Consumer Group helps businesses in the cannabis industry;

We help growers, producers, dispensaries, municipalities, investors, real estate brokers, and manufacturers of cannabis real products understand the entire cannabis ecosystem.

We also help those outside of the cannabis industry who are affected by its presence everyday.

Whether you’re a manufacturer of over-the-counter medications, you brew the country’s best Craft Beer, you’re a retailer that sells these products to your customers, you own a restaurant or a bar, or you make your living in the travel or hospitality industry; you are being impacted by the legalization of cannabis.

We give you an understanding of the current and future impact of cannabis, and how you can turn risks into opportunities.

We measure sales and trends and the underlying consumer attitudes and behaviors that drive them. Learn more about what we do.

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