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What we Offer: Data & Analytics Solutions

C2G offers products and services providing expertise and insights into the cannabis consumer and the impact of cannabis on existing industries. Our data assets and analytic capabilities provide business intelligence within and outside of the cannabis industry. 

Quantitative Research Products

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 The CannaUseTM study covers the entire United States and provides groundbreaking knowledge to help clients retain and grow businesses. Cannabiz Consumer Group has  access to a number of information assets. Data assets give us the ability to analyze the impact of the legalized cannabis market in ways that have not yet been applied to the industry, including through our industry standard marijuana consumer segments. Actionable analytics are the difference between sales growth and sales decline.

Harnessing predictive models and analytics we use information on what has happened to help our clients understand and influence what will happen within and outside the cannabis industry.


Our cannabis omnibus, CannaBus, is priced by the question so that it fits any budget.  It includes extensive tabulation against not just the standard demographics, but also C2G's industry-defining marijuana user segmentation. Gain an understanding not just of who you think the marijuana user is today, but who we know them to be both now and in the future, based upon the industry's most comprehensive study of the legal cannabis market. 

Marijuana Data Analytics

  • Cross-Industry Risks and Opportunities Assessment
  • CannaMapTM Dispensary Trade Area Modeling
  • Cannabis Market Measurement
  • Marijuana Sales Forecasts
  • Non-Cannabis Industries Sales Forecasts
  • Decomposition and Cannabis Customer Insights
  • Cannabis Consumer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Price, Promotion, and Marketing Effectiveness and ROI Measurement
  • More

Data Integrity Promise

With the rapid advancement of the industry, many cut corners and skip over the key data science elements that are necessary to ensure that insights are built from data that have the greatest level of validity, reliability, and accuracy.

At Cannabiz Consumer Group™, we pride ourselves on doing the heavy lifting to ensure the content we work with has been properly processed and analyzed.

Information and Data Assets

Cross-Industry Information Assets
Traditional Research Methodologies
Loyalty Programs

Cannabis Industry Information Assets
Point of Sale (POS) Data
Retailer Analyses and Benchmarking