What We Do: Provide Cannabis Market Research Insights for Your Business

How will consumer choices in the cannabis industry impact my business? 

Cannabis Consumer Ecosystem
This is the cannabis consumer ecosystem.
C2G uses comprehensive data analysis to help identify and plan for how the choices of cannabis consumers will impact your business, both within and outside of the cannabis industry. Cannabis market research applies to more than the cannabis industry alone.  Cannabis consumers have a number of product choices within and outside of the cannabis industry. They will make decisions upon several factors, including needs, motivations, barriers, activators, and geography. At C2G, we refer to this as the cannabis consumer ecosystem. Even if you are not working within the cannabis industry, this matters to you. C2G's CannaUse study details more on how cannabis consumers are making purchasing choices. 

What industries are disrupted by legal cannabis markets? 

Legal marijuana markets disrupt spending in industries with established sales of more than $5 trillion.

C2G Market research shows disruption in beer, wine & spirits, otc-pharmaceutical, tobacco, and consumer packaged goods industries.
Industries disrupted by the cannabis industry include beer,wine, and spirits, otc/pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and consumer packaged goods.

C2G's market research shows industries disrupted by the cannabis industry include consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, beer, wine & spirits, among others.  

Legal cannabis consumerism affects non-cannabis product and service providers, too. C2G's cannabis market research measures how marijuana markets change consumer spending away from home. Do you have specific questions you want to ask about how cannabis markets will impact your brand or business? You may be interested our CannaUse study or Cannabus omnibus survey

How can cannabis dispensaries grow business? 

1. Capture more of the existing cannabis market.
2. Grow the untapped cannabis market.

Successful marijuana retailers convert new category users, and capture unsatisfied users from competitors within their immediate and future trade-areas. Learn about our trade area modeling tool