Information Assets

Cross-Industry Information Assets

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Consumer Generated Content Consumer Panels

Our non-traditional panels are based upon actual point-of-purchase data. We know who they are and what they have purchased.

Traditional Research Methodologies

Traditional data collection techniques including survey research, focus groups, shopper intercepts, virtual shopping research designs, and research communities, connect with bar code and other datasets to understand how consumers shop and the trade-offs that they make when making purchasing decisions.

Loyalty Programs

We currently work with datasets of over 50MM loyalty card holders sourced from leading grocery and drugstore retailers. We also hold player-identified data tracked for slot machines at dozens of casinos, as well as over a billion online purchase transactions from leading merchants.

Cannabis Industry Information Assets

POS Data

Want us to take a look at your POS data in context of the industry? We model and forecast market size without disclosing individual or retailer identified data or sites. Our expertise lies in analyzing high-volume sales transactions in combination with other data sources.

Retailer Analyses and Benchmarking

Cannabiz Consumer Group can analyze your site’s consumer demographics and benchmark them against other retailers. We analyze demographics, lifestyle segmentations, population counts, medicinal and recreational dispensary locations, and other data. In addition, we examine large geographies, and create custom drive-time trade areas for individual dispensaries. We also work with retailer proprietary data including pricing, promotions, store shelf sets, and product dictionaries to offer the most comprehensive dataset of descriptive information in the industry. Leveraging these data provide an uncanny ability to localize our analytics.